About Lt. Col. Fred Ray Sampson

Fred Raymond Sampson: What is a Firebase in Reference to Operation Enduring Freedom?

For more than 20 years, Fred Raymond Sampson has served the US Army in capacities as an officer and a civilian. A retired lieutenant colonel with decades of overseas service in a Ranger regiment, today Fred Sampson is a civilian program manager at Multi Country Security Solutions Group (MCSSG), one of the leading contractors to the US military for Afghan-staffed security services in the Afghanistan theater. As program manager in Kabul, Fred R. Sampson supervises MCSSG’s multimillion-dollar contract with the US Department of Defense to provide security teams for transportation and supply-chain routes to fire support and forward operating bases (“firebases”) across the country as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

A firebase, in the context of the Afghanistan war, is typically a small, well-defended location at a faraway strategic point in the war zone that may be used for short or extended periods. The purpose of a firebase is to secure passage and travel through the strategic point. Typically, firebases lack full support facilities but include a range of artillery pieces and special operations personnel to support tactical infantry operations in the surrounding area.


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